A Proud History

Eagle Transportation Systems, nestled in the heart of New Brunswick's Dairy Capital has a history based on it's rural roots and founded on honest-to-goodness hard work. Our history flows naturally out of the history of the New Brunswick Milk Marketing Board which governs us, along with the values of working together through positive relationships with producers and end-users which guides us daily.

The New Brunswick Milk Marketing Board (NBMMB)
Established in 1973, the NBMMB—whose primary function was to market New Brunswick's milk producers' milk for optimal return—managed quota, milk marketing, raw milk transportation including rates, and bulk milk storage in Sussex with an ever-watchful eye to product quality and minimized risks for farmers and their Milk Board. Equitable treatment for all producers throughout the province and stability within the industry were always a priority.

R & G Milk Trucking Ltd. / R & G Transport Ltd.
Over the years, the NBMMB roles and responsibilities grew in response to the needs of, and opportunities for, milk producers. To assure producers of the opportunity of benefitting from expanded activity with the least risk, the Board established a wholly-owned subsidiary with the acquisition of R & G Milk Trucking Ltd. in 1981. (R & G stood for Restigouche and Gloucester counties in New Brunswick.) The operation of an earlier Board-owned truck washing and storage facility was transferred to R & G. Using a separate corporate structure reduced risk to the Board, and as a result, to all milk producers. This acquisition provided the NBMMB with the added benefits of greater insight into the bulk milk transportation costs throughout the province and income from the transportation of potable goods such as water, cream, buttermilk, and whey.

Roachville Road
As activities expanded, so too did the need for space and people. From Sussex proper, the Board moved all operations to the outskirts on Roachville Road where adequate washing, storage and office administration could be carried out. Then in 1991 R & G Transport bought themselves from the NBMMB, and continued to operate from the same geographical location as before.

Eagle Transportation Systems
Responding to current needs and further opportunities, R & G Transport purchased the assets of Eagle Trucking out of Havelock, New Brunswick in 2008 bringing greater capabilities in the hauling of temperature-controlled food products and bulk food grade liquids. Recognizing that the name R & G Transport Ltd. too narrowly defined the scope and breadth of their activities today, it was decided to introduce the name Eagle Transportation Systems (still a division of R & G Transport Ltd.) which is now made up of three operation divisions: a temperature-controlled freight division, a liquid bulk food grade division; and a milk division.

The former NBMMB has now evolved to become Dairy Farmers New Brunswick, and while the roles and responsibilities of the New Brunswick Milk Marketing Board have grown and changed to meet the ever-changing demands of today's customers, their activities remain strongly rooted in a proud rural tradition. Eagle Transportation Systems strongly upholds these core values, which is reflected in our motto, "Our Strength is Our Service".


Eagle Transportation Systems offers a ‘safe from freeze’ service 365 days a year.

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Before WWII, "refrigerated" trucks packed ice around the freight and turned on a fan. Around 1941 the first reefer truck was built, which enabled the long-distance movement of perishables goods to market.